National anthems of the world

From the oldest to the youngest, from the longest to the shortest, the world's national anthems are here, at a glance.

Featured anthem

Soviet Union – National Anthem of the USSR

The Soviet anthem went through numerous revisions in the five decades for which it was used, from its introduction in 1941 by Joseph Stalin during the Second World War through to the collapse of the USSR in 1991 (including a period where the anthem had all lyrics removed and was performed as an instrumental piece).

Before 1941, the Soviet anthem was the Internationale, the global worker's song.

The current Russian anthem is musically identical to the Soviet anthem, though the lyrics have, yet again, been changed to suit a new party line.

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Shortest anthems in the world

The shortest national anthem in the world, by text length, is the Japanese anthem, Kimigayo, which is comprised of 32 kanji…