Jana Gana Mana

জন গণ মন

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Jana Gana Mana was written in Tatsama (Sanskritised) Bengali by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore in 1911. Tagore has the unique distinction of being the author of both the Indian and Bangladeshi national anthems, as he was held in high esteem in both states.


Bengali (NLK romanisation):

Jana gaṇa mana adhināyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya bidhātā
Pañjāba Sindhu Gujarāṭa Marāṭhā
Drāviḍa Utkala Baṅga
Bindhya Himācala Yamunā Gaṅgā
Ucchala jaladhi taraṅga
Taba śubha nāme jāge
Taba śubha āśiṣa māge
Gāhe taba jaya gāthā
Jana gaṇa maṅgala dāyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya bidhāta
Jaya he jaya he jaya he
Jaya jaya jaya jaya he!


Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of India’s destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sind,
Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida and Orissa and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Jamuna and Ganges and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India’s destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.


Rabindranath Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore
Music and Lyrics: 1911, Adopted: 1950
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