Cherifian Anthem

النشيد الوطني المغربي

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The Cherifian Anthem (in French, the Hymne Chérifien) was a popular song in Morocco when it was a French colony, and it was adopted as national anthem in 1956 after independence. The lyrics were revised in the 1960s, and were adopted in their current form in 1970.

The 'cherif' of the title is a word for a tribal protector or chief, and is a poetic reference to the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI.



منبت الأحرار
مشرق الأنوار
منتدى السؤدد وحماه
دمت منتداه وحماه
عشت في الأوطان
للعلا عنوان
ملء كل جنان
ذكرى كل لسان
هب فتاك
لبي نداك
في فمي وفي دمي
هواك ثار نور ونار
اخوتي هيا
للعلا سعيا
نشهد الدنيا
أنا هنا نحيا
الله الوطن الملك

Arabic (transliterated):

manbita al-ahrar
machriqa al-anwar
mountada as-sou’dadi wa himah
doumta mountadah wa himah
ichta fi al-awtan
li al-oula ounwan
mil’a koulli janane
dikra koulli lissane
bi ar-rouhi
bi al-jassadi
habba fatak
labba nidak
fi fami wa fi dami
hawaka thara nour wa nar
ikhwati hayya
li al-oula sa’aya
nouchhidi ad-dounya
anna houna nahya
Allah, AlWatan, AlMalik


Fountain of Freedom,
Rising Place of the Light.
Forum of Independence and its protector.
Long live as the Forum of Independence and as its protector.
Long live among homelands,
As their emblem
Filling all hearts.
With memory for all languages,
With the spirit,
With the body,
Your son has come,
To answer your call.
In my mouth and in my blood,
Your love was stirred up as light and fire.
Let’s go brothers!
Running for the summit!
Make the world witness,
That we here live
With an emblem of:
God, homeland and king.


Léo Morgan
Ali Squalli Houssaini
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